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Brokerage Window: An Overview

Brokerage Window – aka self-directed brokerage account (SDBA) or self directed 401(k) – is a 401(k) plan feature that offers participants flexibility to invest in opportunities not available through the plan’s core line-up. A SDBA is a brokerage account that is part of the 401(k) plan that provides participants access to a broad array of […]

10 important factors to consider during 401(k) to IRA rollover

Barring a few who can opt for an in-service rollover, most Americans consider 401(k) to IRA rollover only when they retire, get laid off or change their jobs. While many employers prefer to continue their former employees in their plan, it probably makes sense in most cases to roll the money from old 401(k) account […]

Avoid these common 401(k) mistakes

Even with all its flaws, 401(k) plan is still the primary retirement vehicle that allows individuals to save a portion of their compensation towards retirement and get a favorable tax treatment for the same. As a defined contribution plan, all risk and responsibility of deciding how to invest the funds in the individual’s account is […]

401(k) fee disclosure: How to take advantage of this information

Saving more for tomorrow by paying less in 401(k) fees today is the aim. – DoL Your retirement income depends on several factors such as the amount of money you saved, your time horizon, returns you earned on your investment and the expenses of your retirement plan. To get the maximum out of your plan […]

How much does your 401(k) really cost you?

Is it difficult to answer this question? Do you know that the expenses involved in your tax deferred 401(k) makes a huge impact on the size of your retirement nest egg? Do you know that you are paying fees for 401(k)? It appears that the Americans are being ripped off because of these excessive fees […]