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Four Types of 401(k) Withdrawals You Need to Know

When it comes to 401(k) plans, most people are obsessed with filling theirs to the brim. Stashing more money away in a shorter time span is a great way to use a 401(k), but eventually you’re going to have to tap those funds. Like anything else to do with your retirement account, there are special […]

Five Noteworthy Changes for Social Security in 2015

For many Americans, Social Security is a lifeline that they depend on year after year. Although it experiences a number of changes each year, most of them are for the better. This year’s changes to Social Security aren’t any different: we’re seeing cost of living increases, a change in the way statements are handled and […]

Top 3 Retirement Plans for the Self-Employed

Challenges are a way of life for the self-employed, but when it comes to retirement, even self-employed people want to know that there’s a chance they may someday get to put away their tools. Although they’re still not in wide use, self-employed retirement plans were made possible by legislation sponsored by New York Congressman Eugene […]

Differences Between myRA, IRA (including Roth) and 401(k)

Retirement planning is an overwhelming proposition, whether you’re just starting out or looking into rolling over an account you’ve had for decades. Not only do the laws change year after year, but the many types of accounts seem like they should be much more similar than they are. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in […]

Introducing myRA for 2015

Saving enough to take a trip or buy a new car can be tricky, saving for something as huge and open-ended as retirement is downright intimidating. Everybody everywhere needs a little help to get started with that level of savings, but not everyone has access to an employer-based 401(k) that can simplify the process. Starting […]

Deferred Annuities – Know the Basics

Saving for retirement is imperative during the working years of an individual and it is wise to invest the savings where it can enjoy tax deferred growth. In this respect, fixed deferred annuity is worth considering after making the maximum possible contribution to 401(k) and IRA. Money can be invested in fixed deferred annuities without […]

Top 5 income payment options available with Immediate Annuity

In an earlier post, we explained how SPIA can be used for retirement planning because they provide guaranteed income and are easy to understand. Insurance companies offer various types of income payment options for SPIA, from which you can choose the scheme that suits your requirements. These payment options vary from one insurance company to […]

Immediate Annuity checklist – Important points to consider when purchasing SPIA

The challenge of retirement is how to spend time without spending money. This funny quote subtly suggests that the retirees are often under the fear of outliving their money. Purchasing annuities during retirement is a way to ensure a steady income during the golden years. Just like any other investment product it has its own […]

Retirement Planning with Immediate Annuities

While planning and saving for retirement, the biggest question that haunts the retirees is ‘Is my nest egg enough for my retired life?’ No one can answer this question confidently due to uncertainty of rate of return on investments and the length of post-retirement life span. Between his income and himself, a retiree cannot be […]

Social Security – Is the system crumbling?

Social security program is the largest government run program in the world and the biggest expenditure in the federal budget. The system which started during the dark days of depression, provides benefits not only to the retirees, but also to those who are disabled along with their dependent spouse, parents and children. It is primarily […]